Price List

Price List


Hatching Eggs


Lavender Araucana 6 eggs plus 2 free £12.50

and Speckled Sussex inc. P&P

Day Old Chicks £5.oo each

Young hens, pre point of lay £15.00 each

approx. 16 weeks

Point of Lay Hens £25.00 each

approx. 24 weeks

Breeding Trios £50.00

Cockerels £10.00 each



Hatching Eggs to be ideally collected from farm but postage can be organised .

Eggs will be posted first class for next day delivery.


All birds collection only please.

Fertility Guarantee:-

We test our eggs for fertility by candling and are constantly incubating our own eggs and would therefore not offer them for sale if we believed them infertile.


The journey through the postal system and individual incubation techniques make it impossible to guarantee success.


Please unpack your eggs on arrival and let them settle pointy end down for 12 hours before incubation. Candle the eggs on day 10 of incubation, if you think they are not fertile please return them to me for inspection no later than 16 days from your purchase date. If after testing your eggs are found infertile I will send you replacement eggs free of charge but you are responsible for the postal charges.